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The Circle of Extraordinary Women is a unique program designed to enrich the lives of women and their families.  This program is used for the purpose of providing mentoring to women 17 and up who are looking for a change, need motivation to pursue their dreams, at risk,  or homeless as the result of a loss of identity, disaster, poverty and unemployment; unwed pregnancies, and other socio-economic issues.  It has also been used to direct the lives of women of all professions, lifestyles, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds who are in search of identity and in pursuit of their Purpose and Destiny.

This program is designed to propel women to achieve their purpose by using creative, fun, loving, and life-changing group sessions.  It uses such methods as group therapy, counseling, e-learning, panel discussions, the arts, team-building exercises, team projects,  mentorship, pro-social activities, and other creative methods to present a positive approach to developing the women enrolled in our mentoring program.  As such, all women regardless of their backgrounds are accepted into this program. 


During our sessions, each participant will develop goals for which they will be held accountable for achieving in each session and will serve as one aspect of measurement to evaluate their successful completion of each phase of our programs.





















































 Transitioning into Open Doors

Vision Mapping

To assist women ages 17 and up and their families with establishing effective SMART Goals and Action Plans in five (5) critical areas (Identity, Purpose/Destiny, Health, Finances, and Relationships). This will be accomplished through the use of art therapy, assessments, action assignments, discussions, demonstrations, and an E-Course


The Kirby Smart Family Foundation
A donor advised fund administered by the Athens Area Community Foundation

Compass Cares Atlanta Community Fund


Circle of Extraordinary Women


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